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The Celestial Citizen by Douglas Greenfield

The Celestial Citizen
Book by:
Douglas Warren Greenfield

Editor & Research by:
Maggie M. Greenfield BA-I.C.S

The Celestial Citizen

Written for today’s citizen who has been nurtured on television’s ideology and Hollywood’s perception of truth. For those who have grown up in the shadow of New Age reality and Simpsons mentality this book is a light unto your path and a higher calling.

Ever wish we could all get along on our sorry little planet? What would you say if I told you that the real battle on this planet is actually not against humankind? Do legends of dragons and powerful demigods actually have a basis? So many scientists and popular speculators are predicting the end of the world, is there some basis or truth to support this idea or is this utter nonsense? If we really are nearing the last days on earth what do we need to know to escape this apocalyptic nightmare?

Many notable people have sensed an insidious stirring in the Celestial realm, a movement that will change your life. Are you ready for tomorrow?

Science / Astronomy / Inspirational

In addition to being an exciting, informative book this work is also an autobiography detailing the many miraculous events that so indelibly formed the authors life.

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