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Time to run book by Douglas Greenfield

An historical novel by:
Douglas W. Greenfield

Editor & Research by:
Maggie M. Greenfield BA-I.C

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Cover Image by world class artist,
Robert Bailey
(Used by permission)

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Douglas Warren Greenfield, a consummate storyteller, joined the Royal Canadian Navy at age 18 and for ten years explored the Pacific Rim. Then, for 25 adventurous years he served with British Columbia and Alberta Provincial Parks.

Upon retirement, he began writing books, poetry, booklets & newspaper articles.

Mr. Greenfield resides in the beautiful Peace River Country of Alberta.
Douglas Warren Greenfield with Artist Robert Bailey

Renowned Canadian Artist, Robert Bailey receiving a copy of Douglas Greenfield’s book, “A Time To Run”

The cover of “A Time To Run” is used by permission from Mr. Bailey.

Click here to see Robert Bailey’s work

See Tuskegee Junction Painting by Robert Bailey

A Time To Run

Adventure - Travel - Romance - History
Canada - Afghanistan - England - Italy -Germany

An historically based novel

Douglas W. Greenfield
ISBN 978-1-4602-2277-5 Hardcover
ISBN 978-1-4602-2278-2 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-4602-2279-9 eBook

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978-1-4602-2278-2 Paperback
978-1-4602-2279-9 eBook

Historical Novel by:
Douglas Warren Greenfield

Set within documented historical events of WW II and modern Afghanistan's war-torn battlefields, you will be caught up in one man's dream to redefine history. Retired Veteran, Lieutenant Albert Connor, is daily tormented by global news reminding him of the devastation of war and loss of his lovely fiancé. These events he would change in a heartbeat if only he could transcend the bonds of time.

Revisiting his childhood farm on the Canadian prairies while undergoing dream therapy treatment, Connor escapes doctors' care, embarking upon a perilous journey beyond enemy lines, finishing in a face-off with Hitler himself.

Can history be altered or the fires of love be quenched forever? Is Santayana's warning relevant today?

Only those who can see the invisible can do the impossible!...

Barry Lazoruk and Douglas Greenfield Royal Canadian Legion

Barry Lazoruk, past vice president of the Royal Canadian Legion Alberta -Northwest Territories Command receives a copy of Douglas Greenfield's book, "A Time To Run"
The book will, in turn, be presented to the Royal Canadian Legion's head office. December 2018